Your Local Energy Cooperative and Tire/Service Shop

As a business and community member we take upmost pride in our integrity and our service. Many times these days, it is easier to compromise integrity and service for profit. We have taken a stand and established that our integrity is more important than making a quick dollar. When you do business with us, you can be assured that you are going to get a fair deal and be treated with respect. When doing business, we also feel service is still very important. Whether you pull into our full-service pumps, or you need a tire fixed in your field after hours, our service really sets us apart from the pack.  

Our Team

Cooperative Gas and Oil Company was  formed as a cooperative in 1924. Over the years we have grown in size and has expanded our services. Today, Coop Gas and Oil has 35 full-time employees and more part-time and seasonal employees. We have also branched out to three locations Sioux Center, Ireton, and Boyden to better serve you. We take pride in our employees, and are proud to collectively have over 530 years of experience working for you. (If you do the math, that is a 15 year average per employee!)  


Why Choose Us?

Come and see for yourself. When you do business with us, we’ll treat you with respect and integrity.